My #OneWord of the Year: Thankful

2015 was a tough year for me. I've witnessed people come and go, I didn't get a certain thing because it was not destined for me, and my family going through trials and tribulations which made me very anxious since I almost thought the family will be broken.

Last year I focused on PATIENCE and this year I'll be thankful for whatever I've been through,

Even though some days seem to be hard, God has helped me and my family through the tough days. I can no longer complain "Why me?" because I know, deep down inside, that I may not understand now why its happening but later everything will make sense.

When people left me, new people entered my life and I never knew I would get so fond about them. When I didn't get what I wanted and got what God wanted me to have instead, I could see why He wanted me to have it. When I thought my family will break, the troubles ACTUALLY made my family stronger and closer than before!

This year, I'm ready to welcome the 'bad news' with open arms, open mind, and a thankful heart.

Alhamdulillah. (All praise be to Allah).


While most of the world is freezing cold, the rest is having sunny hot summer days. Malaysia is one of them (Actually, the weather of Malaysia is tropical so it's always raining, sunny and humid). Me and my sisters LOVE Nutella, alot. We tried out making Nutella milkshake in our dorms and I thought of sharing it here.